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How long do the tires need to be changed

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Whether the tire needs to be replaced depends on the actual use of the tire and the tire life.
The easiest way is to make a quick judgment by using a one-dollar coin. Put the coin in the groove of the tire. When the flower on the back of the coin is completely exposed, the tire is worn out and should be replaced.
In fact, the tire production has been set up to measure the degree of wear mark, through the tire wear mark can determine whether the replacement. Wear mark is 1.6mm in tread groove. When the wear reached the mark, the performance of the tire grip significantly reduced, the braking distance significantly increased, at this time must replace the tire.
Another very important factor is the life of the tires. The general life of the tire cannot exceed 5 years, the production date of the tire is generally printed on the side of the tire, composed of 4 digits, the last two digits represent the production year, the first two digits represent a few weeks, can also make a judgment by the date.
When ready to replace the new tires, the most worry is to choose the original factory equipped with the tire brand and model, if ready to replace other brands, must be optimistic about the tire parameters on the tire on the meaning of these Numbers, choose suitable for their tires.