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What is the tyre pressure? On the importance of tire pressur

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A flat tire? Short tyre life? Too much gas mileage? All these problems are caused by air pressure. Air pressure is a famous gate of tires, tire pressure is an important factor that affects the service life and economy of tires. Now let's see what happens to the pressure.
Air pressure is too low, will increase the tire side wall and the friction area of the ground, so that the cord and rubber function is reduced; Cause delamination or excessive friction between the cord break and the rim to damage the tire ring; The tire body elasticity decreases when the tire temperature increases sharply. If the tire pressure is too low, the braking distance will be correspondingly shorter. In the driving load increases, will consume more fuel; After the temperature of tire and ground friction point is too high, the seam of its curtain cloth layer will also be gradually detached, and the temperature of tire is still rapidly rising, so, the degree of pressure of the seam escape point will quickly reduce, then there will be a flat tire
If the tire pressure is too high, will be a little bumpy, comfort will be slightly reduced; Make the contact area between the tire and the ground smaller, grasp the ground adhesion becomes weak, affect the braking effect, the corresponding braking distance will become longer; Accelerate tire tread central pattern local wear, make tire life down; Rolling resistance degradation. When encountering the road nails, glass and other sharp objects, it is easy to plunge into the tire, impact will produce internal crack and blasting, resulting in a flat tire.
The tire pressure is controlled in the standard range to make the tire and the ground friction surface more uniform, both from the performance of the car and the service life of the tire are relatively good, according to the international gbt2978-2008 standards and requirements: standard tires: 2.4-2.5bar; Enhanced tires: 2.8-2.9bar; Maximum pressure: not greater than 3.5bar.
How much tire pressure should be hit to the factory's recommended value. This is because the setting of tire pressure mainly takes into account the following factors.
(1) seasonal factors:
Winter: in accordance with the principle of standard air pressure of automobile tires, increase the recommended value by 0.1-0.2bar.
Summer: according to the lower limit of the standard pressure of automobile tires.
In summer, when the car is parked in the open air, the air pressure can be generally reduced by 0.1-0.2bar than the recommended value, so as to avoid high temperature flat tires.
(2) loading load:
No load/half load: lower limit according to the standard of automobile tire pressure (the tire pressure on the sticker of the vehicle can be used as the minimum tire pressure reference).
Full load: the maximum tire pressure on the tire label can be used as a reference for the theoretical maximum tire pressure.
(3) tire pressure measurement environment:
The tire pressure of cold tire and hot tire is not the same, the measurement should be paid attention to. The difference is about 0.2.
In addition to the above factors, but also with the traffic conditions (high speed, dirt road), the condition of tires (new tires, old tires, soft tires, hard), the vehicle tire width, flat ratio, etc.; Generally, the pressure of air-filled tires of family cars is 0.2~0.25MPa. This can ensure safe driving and comfort, but also can make fuel consumption to the minimum; There is a uniform tire pressure standard for small cars, that is, whether your car is a car or an off-road vehicle, the tire pressure is between 1.9-3.5 kg/m3, depending on the specific use.