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Tyre safety week to get you started: implement tyre grading

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Let the average consumer realize the importance of tire safety, understand the safe use and maintenance of tires, so as to improve driving safety, reduce the accident rate; Understand the green tires, promote the whole society green environmental protection energy-saving emission reduction; It is the original intention of China rubber industry association to hold "green tire safety week" large-scale public welfare activity to let consumers choose more suitable and cost-effective tires when buying tires.
As a major tire country in the world, green and low-carbon development has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry. In this week's tire safety week, China rubber industry association publicly released "tire classification standards", "tire label management regulations" and China rubber industry association tire label style, so that China's tire classification officially entered the voluntary implementation stage.
Chai yongsen believes that the implementation of the tire label system can promote the upgrade of tire quality standards. "It is also a reflection of the positive response to the country's supply-side reform, which aims to achieve a transition from creating effective supply to creating new demand. The manufacturing level of many products in China has reached the world's advanced level, but why do so many Chinese buy toilet seats and rice cookers overseas? The main reason is that the quality standards in China are not the same as those in other countries, plus many enterprises have no brand awareness or even service."
Chai yongsen said that the "tire classification standards" released this time, mainly in the rolling resistance (fuel consumption), wet (safety), noise (comfort) three aspects, there is a clear classification standards and access system, and with European standards. After the implementation of the standard, one is to eliminate people's worship of foreign ideas, because the standard is the same, the quality is the same; Second, to promote enterprises to pay attention to research and development, sales of high standards, high quality tires; Third, can save the enterprise's development resources and development costs; Fourth, we can eliminate backward production capacity and products as soon as possible and accelerate the creation of Chinese world famous brands.
Xu wenying, vice President and secretary general of China rubber industry association, said many countries, including Europe, the United States and Japan, have introduced tire labeling laws. In order to promote the industrialization of China's green tires and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry, the association has organized key tire enterprises and technical experts at home and abroad, and through four years of unremitting efforts, launched the "tire classification standards", "tire label management regulations" and China rubber industry association tire label style. At present, the implementation of voluntary labeling, the country has no mandatory measures, legislation also needs to have a process.
Xu wenying believes that the key to ensure the smooth implementation of the tire labeling system lies in supervision. "When we spoke to the European rubber tyre manufacturers association, one of the lessons they learned from the introduction of the labelling law was that there was a lack of post-regulation, which caused a lot of problems in its implementation. Therefore, the association also issued the tire label management regulations. She said consumers can verify the authenticity of the tire labels by scanning the qr code on the purchased tire labels on the "China tire label declaration and management data platform" on the official website of the China rubber industry association. At the same time, the association will organize third-party institutions to supervise the products of enterprises applying for labeling from time to time, take the method of randomly extracting tires from the market, entrust a third-party qualified laboratory or test site to conduct testing, and the association will announce it. For enterprises with false labels, the association will regulate the market through two measures: media exposure and the recall of granted tire labels.
Zhu hong, director of the technical and economic committee of China rubber and rubber association, said he hoped to eliminate backward production capacity and low-end products by Posting tire labels and curb vicious competition in the market. In terms of promoting the construction of tire labeling system, China rubber association invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, organized experts from the aspects of testing, structural design, formula design, laws and regulations, and made a lot of preparations. China's tire labeling system is based on the experience of the European Union and other parties, combined with China's national conditions, and the use of "wide access and strict control" method of labeling. She hopes that the country in the future in policy can give some support to the labeling of enterprises to support. In addition, the association will also work out the implementation of the tire spot check.
Li zhongdong thinks, "tire label management regulations" launch, will play a positive role in regulating the tire market, and will push China's tire manufacturing to a new height, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, reduce losses, implement environmental protection.